Anil Kumar was born in Bangalore, India. He holds a Honors Degree in Engineering.Despite his academic background, he has dedicated the last 7 years to his greatest passion: photography, Anil always had a fascination for photography since his childhood days. Determined to turn his dreams into a living reality, it didn’t take him long to muster up courage after he decided to quit his successful corporate career in the year 2012 & moved into the role of a Wedding Photographer and started his own company.

AKV Photography


    AKV( Anil Kumar Venkatesh) Photography became a perfect amalgamation of his business skills and the creative interests that rested in Anil’s heart.Thus was born a venture that aims at capturing the beauty of human emotions in their truest and most natural form, Armed with experience Anil has covered many multi-cultural weddings across India. Having won the hearts of his clients for his creativity, superior quality of work,customer centricity and professionalism, In his own words, " What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever & impossible to reproduce, Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is"


AKV Photography is a celebration of the true essence and the very soul of Indian weddings, We are based in Bangalore with a team of 5 photographers and cinematographers led by Anil, AKV comprises of a talented pool of passionate creative artisans that work tirelessly to preserve the most precious day of your life and seal it forever.

AKV Team mission is  to make customers to understand what our lives mean to us when we document it.


Our only condition and advice to our clients is – To forget all worries and just immerse themselves in their most wonderful life defining day and enjoy themselves. We are there to take care of preserving your most cherished memories.

Invite us to be a part of your celebrations and create stories that will be a reason for your smile for years to come.




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